Garfagnana-food enters its fourth year

To date one of the largest projects we have undertaken, this site is a fully user-driven 'good food guide' for the Garfagnana region of Tuscany. Italians take their food seriously; and nowhere more so than in the Garfagnana, with a whole host of local delicacies and recipes on offer.

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Please excuse the current state of the site. I have embarked on a complete overhaul, making more extensive use of CSS and to bring it into line with XHTML 1.0 transitional. Please be patient.

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The power of interactivity

Often known as 'Web 2.0', web sites that allow users to make inputs and share knowledge and information with each other allow for near infinite possibilities. The traditional site where one person makes information available to many still has a place of course, but 'many to many' sites are the way forward. This is our expertise. We use industry-standard technology - PHP for the scripting language, MySQL for the database and Javascript for page enhancements.

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